High Heels

Shit like this pisses me off:


There’s another one I’ve seen of a girl at a mirror putting on makeup, captioned with something along the lines of, “You did okay, God, but I have a better idea.”

Yes.  You’re right.  Women go through the effort of putting on makeup and walking in heels because there would be absolutely no negative consequences if they refused to do those things.  Silly women!  Always so concerned about their appearances instead of math or whatever I guess men are supposed to think about.

The bottom line is, women who appear the way that society prefers them to appear are more likely to be successful in a variety of activities.  This includes finding a partner, getting a job, making friends, whatever.  Look at this:


While the article raises all sorts of great points, the one I’m focusing on is that women still have to appear more feminine to succeed in male-dominated fields.  Women aren’t running around in heels all the time because they’re only concerned about looking good for men or looking better than any women in the area.  Often, women are wearing heels because they’re expected to.

And don’t get me wrong.  Heels and makeup can be fun.  I highly recommend that everyone of any gender buys some bright colors to smear all over their faces.  And I tend to prefer any face with eyeliner rather than without it.  But look: I always wear makeup to interviews.  I don’t always wear makeup to classes or social events.  (And as for heels, I’m in no place to comment, because I’m super tall and really ungraceful, and don’t think that wearing heels will actually make me appear more feminine.)

So, internet: shut up.


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