Dear Girls


Dear “Real Men,”

Go fuck yourselves.  Seriously?  Let’s look at this spin:

“Dear Girls,
Dressing modestly may get you a boyfriend, but only from some douchebag who thinks that all women should follow his arbitrary ideals of what a woman should be like.
PS: Do whatever the fuck you want, my opinion doesn’t really matter.”

SERIOUSLY.  WHY do you get to tell women how they should and should not dress?  WHY do you think that their goal in life is to somehow end up with you?  Like you’re doing them some kinda huge fucking favor.  “Oh, these poor women, they probably don’t know that I don’t find revealing clothing unattractive!  I better tell the internet!  And I better use morally-loaded language like “immodestly.”  I HATE YOU.

a woman who dresses however the fuck she wants, asshat.


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