The Quest for Free Birth Control: Part 2

I called my OBGYN today, and talked to a very helpful nurse.  She said that Norethindrone-Ethinyl Estradiol is not as nice as Generess Fe, and asked me if some other pills were on the list.  She ended up putting me on Apri, which is apparently very cheap normally anyway, and is indeed on the list.

So, I drove over to CVS, and it rang up as $0.00!  Success at last!

It seems to me like a major problem is a lack of communication on this matter between insurance companies, doctors, and patients.  I’m sure most of that is just because the Affordable Healthcare Act is so new.  Here’s what I’d recommend to anyone looking to get themselves some free slut pills birth control:

1. Talk to your insurance provider.  Call ’em up or go on their website.  Get your hands on a list of what birth controls they can get you copay-free.  Note that this will mean you’ll have to switch to a generic brand, if you’re not on one already.

2. Take the list with you to your doctor’s appointment.  Your doctor will be able to talk to you about what birth control suits your needs or is most similar to what you’re already on.  Doctors tend to have a good idea of how expensive different types of birth control are, but, again, since the Affordable Healthcare Act is so new, they probably will not be able to tell you what will be free off the top of their heads, so it’s a good idea to have the list available for reference.

3. Get yo’self some free oral contraceptives.  They taste like victory.


2 comments on “The Quest for Free Birth Control: Part 2

  1. randi says:

    Thank you! In the last week and half, I have been trying to get back on generess fe after going off for the first time in three years after turning 26….Two trips to the doctor office, two pharmacy trips, two hours plus on the phone with my new doctor, an hour on the phone with the pharmacy and two hours on the phone with medi-cal…same thing, everyone gives you the run around and no one wants to help communication and all the right people are always out of the office.ugh…so much undue stress to avoid a $300 out of pocket expense so I’m continuing my research now with renewed energy and hope after reading about your experience:) I’m curious to know how your new pill is compared to generess? ?

    • I actually switched back to Generess about nine months ago. I did not like Apri. My periods were ridiculously heavy on it. And, my father’s insurance changed after he retired, and not even that one was free anymore. I’m much happier back on Generess.

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